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Copley News Service, Creator’s Syndicate Wire Service

  • “Marwari Horses: India’s Ancient Breed Comes Back to Life”
  • “Bhutan Untouched by Time: In Search of Gross National Happiness”
  • “Divers Love the Bay Islands in Honduras”
  • “Maya Mysteries Revealed”
  • “Tuarag, Libyan Sahara”
  • “New Orleans: The Good Times are Rolling Again”
  • “Cajun Country: Big Fun on the Bayou”
  • “Kosrae: Home of the Breadfruit Goddess”
  • “Guam: The Other U.S. Pacific Paradise”
  • “Palau: Stingless Golden Jelly Fish, Fruit Bat Soup, and Little People”


  • "Seabiscuit's California Home," Via Magazine (AAA)
  • "In Colette's Boudoir: At Home in a French Chateau," B for Savvy Brides