Diane LeBow

Diane LeBow is a Bay Area Travel Writers President emerita and award winning writer and photojournalist. Based in San Francisco, she has published stories with, VIA Magazine, Copley News Service, Travelers Tales anthologies, France: A Love Story: Women Write about the French Experience (Seal Press, 2004), Greece: A Love Story: Women Write about the Greek Experience (Seal Press, 2007); Foreign Affairs: Erotic Travel Tales (Cleis Press); B for Savvy Brides, and many national newspapers and magazines.

She travels the globe and has spent time with Afghan women, the Hopi, Amazon people, Tuvans, Mongolians, Corsicans, and Parisians. She has scuba dived with sharks in the Red Sea and trained champion Morgan horses. A pioneer of college women’s studies programs, she received her Ph.D. from the University of California in the History of Consciousness, began her teaching career in The Netherlands, and was a college professor for many years in Paris, New York City, and California. She is currently working on a book about her search for the best of all possible worlds.