Dancing on the Wine-Dark Sea


Memoir of a Trailblazing Woman's Travels, Adventures, and Romance

Diane LeBow’s stories, like her life, take you to places and experiences you’ve probably never imagined. They are passionate, poignant, funny, sometimes tragic, and always unexpected. Share a meal with Corsican rebels in the ragged mountains of this ancient island, meet a black stallion in a blizzard on the Mongolian steppes, assist Afghan women exiled in Tajikistan in writing a Declaration of their Rights for the new Constitution, and savor a love affair with an elegant French Baron.

LeBow gives us peeks behind the curtains into women’s and men’s lives around the world in our search for answers to universal human questions such as how to experience the best our world offers, ways to balance our desire for love with yearning for freedom and adventure, and longing for a sense of home within ourselves and in our worlds.

Dancing on the Wine-Dark Sea was a finalist in the 2022 International Book Awards, selected from thousands of submissions.

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In this glorious memoir, Diane LeBow weaves together the colorful threads of an adventurous woman's life and takes us along on an invigorating and thoughtful journey through memory, culture, rebellion, and self-discovery.

─Jasmin Darznik, New York Times bestselling author
of The Bohemians

A keenly observed travel memoir of a passionate woman’s odyssey; from her awakening to sensual adventures and trail blazing on different continents. LeBow explores l’amour from a love affair with a French baron to seduction in St Tropez, and a liaison in a tomb with the view of the pyramids. A rollicking read!

─Cara Black, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of 19 books in the Private Investigator Aimée Leduc series

Dancing with Diane LeBow across the globe is a rambunctious and risqué romp indeed, but this memoir is so much more: It is a time-traveling chronicle of one woman’s—and all women’s—challenges, intimacies, and transformations as she navigates her way through a changing world. This book electrifies the universal emotion inside all of us.

─Erin Byrne, author of Wings: Gifts of Art, Life,
and Travel in France