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Afghan articles:

insightful writing

It’s easy to see why your story was honored: so poignant and such a gifted insight into a situation that was alien on so many levels.  The ending must have been apt: I wept.  Jay Gordon.

excellent piece of writing. Positive images of Afghans simply are too few and far between — but this is a truth that certainly needs to get out. Thanks! Veterans from Afghanistan

It’s one thing to give money (what my Mom called “checkbook-generosity”) like I do, another altogether to give up your time and energy like you do to promote a cause. Linda

Just read your amazing story “At Home in Afghanistan“.  I admire your courage to travel there and to help the brave Afghanistan women! I wish more travel stories were like yours.

Your Cajun Country article is wonderful! Your writing is tremendously full of life and great scenes — a delight to read! (BR)

Bhutan: I love how you weave a mystical tapestry of observations with practical information and the contrast of ancient stories with present experience.  Now, back to the mops and dust cloths. AK, Garland, Texas

Greece: A Love Story

“I am very impressed about how accurate and detailed the material in your story is regarding the archaeology, history, mythology. I’ve never read anything like this before!” Wow! I guess a zillion years of teaching and studying pays off.   S.F. Greek Consul General

Honduras: A place that honors goddesses and chocolate.  Has to be a fascinating destination.  ‘Course, the visual of you pushing the Jeep was my favorite. JG


I have read your story in FRANCE – A Love Story. It is like a chocolate raspberry truffle. I pick it up, take a morsel, and then put it down again.

Wow! Such passion for life! And you share it so well. Thanks. Bev