“Travel Writing: Enriching your Travels Through Writing” Class

February 8-March 14, 2012, in San Francisco.
Diane will be teaching this course for  the Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning, San Francisco State: Wednesday 3-5 p.m. Registration begins after January 3, 2012, on line at Olli.sfsu. edu. (415) 817-4243 Limited enrollment. Please share this invitation with friends and colleagues.

Class Description:
From earliest times, humans have been drawn to stories, adventures, and wanderings. In this era of globalization, more and more people are traveling and recounting their experiences, as well as exploring varieties of approaches to travel and writing. During our six weeks together, we’ll examine techniques and ideas to make your travel and writing even more meaningful and enjoyable. From pre-trip planning, fishing for details and story ideas while on the road, to crafting a well-told tale—whether for publication, friends and family, or your own pleasure and memories—we’ll work together to share ideas regarding travel and writing, workshop our writing, and enjoy turning our adventures into stories.