Diane LeBow Awards

Diane LeBow won the 2015 Solas Travelers’ Tales award for Adventure Travel (Bronze award) for her story, (CLICK HERE) “Dinner in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The story describes the amazing experience of meeting with several hundred Afghan women exiles on the border of Afghanistan/Tajikistan, in 2000, while the Taliban were still in control, thinking she may be about to be kidnapped, and instead being invited to dinner with an Afghan family with whom she’s still in contact.

2011 Solas Silver Award, Best Women’s Travel Writing, “My Dinner with Terrorists.”

2010: Solas Gold Award, Best Women’s Travel Writing, “At Home in Afghanistan.”

BATW Best Bronze, Internet Travel, “A Visit to Palau.”

Writer’s Digest, Magazine Feature Article, “Maya Mysteries Revealed

2008: BATW Best Gold Web Site

BATW Best Bronze, Essay in an anthology, “Dancing on the Wine Dark Sea.

2007: Solas Gold Award, Best Love Story on the Road, “The Trout Baron.”

2005 BATW Silver Award, Afghan Woman in Window

Ford Foundation and National Endowment for the Humanities grants